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From the July 6th, 2022 Billings Gazette:

At times, finishing my thesis felt like what the the character on the right looks like! The cartoon is the author’s depiction of what his recent experience “fighting off” army cutworm moths at his cabin in the woods felt like. During their migration to the Rockies, the moths seek temporary shelter by aggregating in homes and structures, like what’s shown in this past news report from Colorado:

On May 25th, I presented the findings of my graduate research. The presentation is one of two parts of a thesis defense, which is the culminating activity for the project. I was fortunate to pass my defense and earn my Masters degree that day. The presentation is the public portion of the defense, so I have made the presentation available on YouTube, viewable below:

The thesis will soon be available through ProQuest, for anyone interested to read about my graduate research in detail.

One comment on “Thesis Defense

  1. Danielle Bentley says:

    Congratulations!!! Your presentation was wonderful! Best wishes to you!

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